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Gothic Creations with Flowers

Gothic Creations with Flowers

06 March 2017

While most of us of a certain age remember gothic style from our local discos?? It actually dates back a lot further than this. Gothic rock style began with Bauhaus’s first single, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead back in 1979. Going back even further Gothic is also a style of architecture that became increasingly popular during the late medieval period. Not feeling quite so old now.

So why not bring back some nostalgic, fun moments from our early disco days with a selection of Gothic style flowers.

Not quite sure if disco and gothic work in the same sentence, however, for all you Gothic lovers out there, these flower arrangements are for you.

  • Sophisticated Gothic Arrangement:  I love this mysterious dark arrangement. Sitting in an understated black glass cube. The stunning black calla lily with a hint of burgundy creates a stylish gothic look. Using black scabiosa at the base your eye is drawn downwards. Although many may not agree with the use of purple in the gothic style I do think the curled flat purple wire gives this arrangement a sophisticated Gothic look, which I love. I hope you do too.
  • Eye Catching Gothic Style bouquet: With much to look at in this expressive bouquet. The pale purple alliums and the burgundy germini lighten which could otherwise be a very dark bouquet. Although for some the darker the better. This bouquet would also look amazing in a red tartan wrap. I bet that will bring back some memories of skirts for some of you. Pure perfection.

The Gothic style may not be for everyone but here in, we embrace all styles. There is no right or wrong when it comes to flowers, and your use of your imagination. Floristry is an art and art needs to be creative and fun. Gothic Style while being a little mysterious is definitely fun.