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Romantic Ideas With Flowers

Romantic Ideas With Flowers

24 February 2017

We all loved to be wined and dined. Spoiling our loved one is a must at any time of the year. Particularly on Valentine’s Day or their Birthday. We are all familiar with the words, “ah you shouldn’t have”, or,”don’t be wasting your money on me”.. My mum’s favourite. But it is never a waste showing that special person in your life how you feel about them. I want to share a few ideas on how to treat your loved one.

Rose Petals in the Bath
Your loved one arrives home after a very busy day in work, or an even tougher day chasing your little angels around the house. If he/she is in work you have the bath ready on their arrival. They are sent to a tranquil, candlelit room with the gentle sounds of soft music. A glass of wine or drink of choice. Just one mind you as we have many other ideas and we don’t want to lose your loved one to one room when the night is young. I like to use white petals for this but any colour will do. Just be careful of darker shades as they can mark your bath.

Romantic Massage
This has to be a favourite for most. Massage oils using beautiful flowers are easily available. For those of you who are being romantic on a budget, why not make your own. My favourite is an Hibiscus massage oil. It is a great moisture boost to your skin, anti ageing, will even your skin tone and is rich in antioxidants. Aren’t flowers amazing? So not only will your partner feel spoilt but the will also emerge from their massage glowing and even more beautiful. If that is possible for some.

Flower Every Hour
This is one that does not have to pinch your pocket. It can be organised through your local florist or preferably through on the hour every hour have one flower delivered to your partners work or home. If you are on a budget you could organise a friend to deliver for you. If you are feeling extremely romantic on the last hour an engagement ring would go down very nicely. For the rest of us, we will settle for an extremely large bouquet of flowers delivered directly from… yes, you guessed it

Love Me Love Me Not
If the above idea is a little extravagant, why not try the old familiar game of, “Love Me Love Me Not”. We all remember this growing up. Pop down to your local florist and ask for a white germini. Your loved one can then remove the petals one by one repeating, he loves me, he loves me not. At the end, depending on the outcome your partner will get the choice between two boxes. One marked, LOVES ME, the other marked, LOVES ME NOT. Try not to be too mean with the present inside loves me not. Maybe a forfeit that they have to massage you instead.

Floral Attire

To help your loved one look as beautiful as they are inside. They must be dressed to impress. Treat them to a beautiful floral dress, or shirt. There are so many beautiful bold designs to choose from. Echo In Balbriggan, a well-known clothes retailer, with up to date fashion, for both men and women, has amazing, on-trend floral dresses, to suit just this occasion. They can also provide you with the accessories to match. Thus making it a very simple to obtain, romantic gesture. But we will keep that one to ourselves. For this dress and many other on-trend designs, click here.

Dining In
We all love to be brought out for a romantic meal. Are partner is suitably relaxed from their romantic bath and massage. They, thanks to Echo in Balbriggan are dressed to impress. We need to finish our romantic evening with an elegant floral meal. For those of us who are on a tight budget, you can make your own floral meal. Using beautiful edible flowers like marigolds, nasturtiums, pansies, courgette flowers and of course rose petals. I like to grown my edible flowers at home. This eliminates the use of any dangerous chemicals. You don’t want to cut your romantic evening short due to illness. If you are feeling really romantic why not have a try at a flower ice cubes. This is something you will need to make the night before. Place pretty flower heads in ice cube trays. Add water and freeze overnight. Then pop into your loved one's favourite drink and it’s not just the drink that will sparkle.

After a day and evening like this, you have certainly built up some well-deserved brownie points. With any luck, they will return the favour.