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Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

01 March 2017

After a busy Christmas and followed by an even busier Valentines, I am so excited to see little snowdrops appearing in my garden, closely followed by hyacinths and daffodils. Yes, Spring is here, and I am thrilled to welcome it. With what seemed to be a very mild and dry winter, we haven’t suffered terribly from mother nature, but that doesn’t stop us getting excited to say goodbye to winter.

I think a few spring planters in my home is just what I need to reaffirm that Spring is here. That way I can enjoy spring inside and outside. It’s a win-win. I would like to show you a couple of pretty spring arrangements of both plants & flowers. Using pretty selections of spring colours.

  • Hyacinth Storm Lantern
    Want to get the most out of those old glass vases lying around. Here is a very simple yet effective way to bring the spring bulbs inside. Make sure your vase is sparkling clean. Remove your bulb plants from their plastic pots. Place in the centre base of your vase add compost if necessary, but try to keep compost away from outer edge of the glass vase. Gently add stones, coloured sand or bark chippings, around base covering all soil up to the base of bulbs. You can plant daffodils, snowdrops, hyacinths, whatever your spring plant preference. Then sit back and enjoy.
  • Spring Watering Can
    This is a great one to do with the children. These mini watering cans can be picked up quite inexpensively from your local garden centre, or florist. You can even use an old,  large one if you have one lying around outside. The more rustic looking the better. They look amazing just outside your front, or back door. Plant up using your favourite spring plants. If you have old bright ribbons or butterflies lying around add them. For those of you that are feeling a little more energetic, why not partner up your watering can with an old, not used any more bright pair of coloured children’s wellington boots. Thus creating a beautiful display that both adult and child callers will love.
  • Spring Flower Planters
     Being a florist I find it very difficult not to include flowers in every article I write. So my final arrangement includes a pretty selection of spring coloured flowers. I love the use of pink and yellow flowers here to create a beautiful delicate spring look. This arrangement has been made front facing, with a little height. If you are making something for a low coffee table, just change the shape and keep arrangement lower. A low-lying pretty basket would look beautiful here.

If you are a little concerned with creating your own spring designs, you can always bring down your old glass vases and baskets to Flowers Now and we would be more than happy to add a touch of spring to your home.