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Getting a Flower Shop Ready For Christmas

29 November 2016

Waving a sad goodbye to Halloween and the golden colours of autumn. We must now turn our attention to Christmas. One of the busiest shopping periods in any retail shop’s calendar. Even though it can be a lot of hard work, long hours, late nights early mornings. It is also a very rewarding time.  I don’t mean in the monetary sense,  but yes that is an added bonus… I find in particular you create a stronger bond with other staff members as everyone works hard, and pulls together to make the best and most of this festive period.

We like a number of shops begin directly after Halloween. It seems very early, but flower shops have a lot of prep work to do before the fun, craziness begins. We begin our journey on our computer. Not very festive you might think, but it is a necessary evil. We work out using our previous year for guidelines, how much flowers and plants we need to order. We do this by firstly deciding on what bouquets we are going to make. Creating a menu of different price ranges, styles and flower content. We also decide on numbers of funeral and flower baskets and planted pots and baskets. Every flower stem in each item is then counted and priced. Again this will be an estimate of previous years, as the flower market in Holland will not give us definite prices until closer to Christmas. All stem numbers and varieties of flowers and plants counted we can then turn our attention to our prep work.

This term prep work is used by a lot of florists to describe all items that need to be prepared to go with our flower menu. Bows, wired sundries, wired cinnamon sticks & cones, baskets, cellophane wraps, etc. All items that need to be ready made and on stand by for this busy time. There will be no time to  make them the week of Christmas. As with our flowers in our bouquets, all items must be counted and labelled ready to go with the flowers or plants they are assigned to.


With all items accounted for and prep work underway, we can now turn our attention to our shop and shop window. This is extremely important as it will determine if we can attract customers into our shop. There is no point creating a beautiful selling menu if customers will not step in the door to look at it.  We always have fun creating a new shop window and display work inside. We never wait until Christmas to decide on such an important window display. Throughout the year we come up with ideas and save them on our computer to be used later. With shop decorated and prep work well underway, we in are almost ready to meet our loyal customers.

We do a final check that shop is well stocked with all items, gift cards, ribbon, sellotape, printer ink, cellophane, etc all items we cannot afford to run short of at the crucial time. Create a pretty picture slide show for customers to see what flowers & plants are available and we are ready to go.

The beginning of December is when we start to get busy. Fresh holly and pine wreaths arrive, which will be continually decorated with our ready wired decorations. Large bags of pine arrive to begin our funeral pieces, for customers who may be going away for Christmas and wish to visit their loved ones before they leave. Orders are coming in and must be organised. Our flower and plant orders are in Holland. Christmas rota is pinned up so all staff members know they will have no life for the foreseeable. Myself included. But don’t feel too sad for us as we are all well rested in January. Probably just as well because who do I see hiding behind the door? Ah yes, it is, Valentine's Day...